secret date in Bucharest

I am a classy girl, this is not my main hobby, I also have a busy schedule during day, I can answer handy 19PM-4.30AM. When you call please be short, formal, polite too.

handy: +4 0727 941 005

calls onnly 19pm-4.30am

I must specify that I am educated! I could see recently some siliconed vulgar fat, well-dressed escorts, smelling over the sweat of expensive perfumes; those girls have a better advertising then me, because they pay; there is a guy/or more in deep-web (not any of the admins of the known escort sites ) which promote better not the good ones, but those which pay more! Therefore if you find my site by chance, means you are lucky!

So I have some request of behaviour when you contact me:
  • Call me always, do not text on handy, either do not email me
  • calls must be evening or late night after 19 pm, number must be one where I can call back
  • be short and formal, do not lose into details, unless you want me to wear a specific cloth/lingerie
  • My English is excellent, when you text proves yours is bad also is rude asking me to spend money to answer you back, therefore your message from handy will be deteled before reading!
I will offer you the most romantic date, my imagination & skills doesn't need any teaching!